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Non stick roasting dish oval 32 X 21 X 6 cm.-AMT Gastroguss

: AMT-63321
93.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: AMT Gastroguss - Availability: 1 items in stock
Your interest in AMT Gastroguss pans is the right choice for you, your family, our environment & your wallet. Profection has always been our mission, striving to provide you with first class cookware that saves time, energy and money to ensure that you have a healthier life style. Star chefs around the world profit daily from the excellent quality of our products. In constant and close cooperation with the German Chefs Association and the German National Culinary Team, we have mutually designed and developed many new and innovative products, which you will find throughout this catalogue. We combine tradition, solid craftsmanship, modern technology and our expertise together wit topgrade material to guarantee our customers unique and premium quality. You can also achive excellent culinary resultslike the professional chefs using AMT Gastroguss cookware. Help us help our environment! Our cookware is the first of its kind to have received the energy efficiency certification, class A. Due to the fact that alloy cast alluminium, coated with plasma titanium, is the best heat transmitter in compination with our 9mm, wrap free, casted bottom, you have excellent heat transmission and the heat is storred in the bottom for a long period of time, which saves one of our most precious Our LOTAN non stick coating makes our cookware so easy to rinse, that it helps reduse your water consumption, which therefore helps save another one of our planets most precious natural resources-water-and your hard earned money. Our products are also recyclable. AMT is one of the few suppliers on the market today, which is manifacture all of our products in house in Germany. Therefore we have total supervision over all production procedures and quality controlling. Our company is certified to meet the newest requirements and standards according to ISO 9001-9002. The AMT pan that you're reading about or holding in your hands has our five years LOTAN non stick coating guarantee and our twenty five years heat transmission guarantee. AMT Gastroguss cookware now gives you the inspiration for a new culinary experience.
: 1.5 kg
Package dimensions: 350 mm × 250 mm × 100 mm
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