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Utility knife ceramic blade 13 cm. - boker ceramic


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Features and materials

SKU: 1300c0 Category: Ceramic kitchen knives, Utility knives
Simply put, this collection of ceramic-blade kitchen knives stays sharper longer than any other knife, period. Not only will they most likely never have to be sharpened, they won‘t affect the taste of food. If you want to make a one-time purchase of kitchen cutlery, this is it. Surprisingly lightweight, the Boker Ceramic kitchen collection all feature easy-to-grip Delrin handles designed to reduce fatigue during repetitive cutting. This 5¼" blade is your go-to knife. Overall length: 9 5/8". Includes gift box.
-Made in Germany -Ceramic blade made in strong porcelain -Handle made in black PVC -Overall length 23,8 cm -Blade length 12 cm -Handle length 11,8 cm -Strecth protection gift package