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Tweezer slatted Seki Magoroku-KAI Beauty


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Features and materials

SKU: HC-1806 Category: Tweezers, Eyebrow tweezers
The SEKI MAGOROKU range comprises an exquisite and extensive collection of proven kai quality. The high-quality beauty accessories are used for a wide range of daily body care applications. The quality finish of the products ensures long-lasting sharpness for precise. individual and gentle grip. The robust SEKI MAGOROKU tools are also ideal and reliable travelling companions. All tweezers are carefully produced. particularly on the functional part (mouth) with the inner sides being ground to grip hair. It is essential that the shanks of a pair of tweezers are both the same length. that they are equally spaced on tweezers with a straight or tapered mouth and that the tip is evenly developed on tipped tweezers. The majority of tweezers are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. The surfaces though. made from polished to matt coated. Tweezers are available for various purposes and are made out of a variety of materials in different designs. Widely used tweezers in manicure can be classified according to their functional part (the mouth). Types of tweezers: -Pointed: to remove splinters -Oblique: to shape eyebrows or to remove hairs -Straight: to shape eyebrows or to remove hairs -Depressed or angular with a straight mouth: This type exerts a particularly high pressure due to its angular shank and has a very firm grip. With evenly firm pressure on both grips tweezers cloth and grip the hair; move the tweezers back quickly. No more worries about plucking hairs!"
-Tweezer Slutted -Stainless steel matt finish -Blister gift package