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Shi Hou IV Tanto Slicer 11.8" Limited Edition - KAI

€1 895,01 

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Features and materials

-Blade Material: VG-10:35 & VG-2:36 -71 layers -Hardness (HRC): 60 +- 1 -Mirror finish -Chisel edge -Handle: Briar root wood -Traditional Japanese octagonal handle shape
The Tanto is a traditional Japanese sword with a blade size less than 1 shaku (30 cm). Like the traditional Tanto, the ShiHou IV is forged in the Hira-Zukuri-Style. This long established blacksmithing technique allows the single edged ShiHou IV to gave no ridgeliness - unlike other Japanese swords (Katakana etc). At its edge, the ShiHou IV rises energetically, resulting in a strong tip with forcefull and precise slicing abilities. The KAI ShiHou IV is limited to 200 pieces with engraved serial numbers.