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Nail scissor 3.5" - dovo dovolanza


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Features and materials

SKU: 525356 Category: Nail scissors
Nail scissors with a special ground tip are called combination scissors. They are used on fingernails but also for working on sensitive corners and cuticles. A good pair of scissors is distinguished by its smooth, regular cutting action, a distinct cut and the comfortable size of the rings. Scissors that are of especially high class quality also have a blade with a very fine micro-serration. Moreover high class manicure scissors are secured with a screw. This not only allows the blades to be precisely adjusted during assembly, but they can also easily be reground and adjusted if necessary. Finger nails are shortened and shaped with a pair of nail scossors. The curved blade is especially well suited for this purpose. Once cut into shape the nails are smoothed with a nail file.
-Nail scissor -High quality stainless steel forged matt finish -Pressed handles -Made in Solingen-Germany -Blister gift package