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Knives Care Set-KAI


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Features and materials

SKU: 45500610 Category: Sharpening accessories
The KAI Knife Care Kit has the tools you will need to help maintain your knives in their best condition. Inspired by the style of care and tools traditionally used to keep samurai swords in optimal condition. KAI created a convenient kit designed to help keep your "kitchen swords" in a beautiful condition. too. The KAI Knife Care Kit lets you deal with natural tarnishing. discoloration and even surface rust to protect your investment in KAI cutlery. The kit provides a 100% Camellia oil for the care of the blade and the handle. This oil is made without paraffin or any other chemicals. so it is absolutely food-save. Combine it with the very beautiful polishing cloth microfiber with damask optics and you will get a perfect result.
- 100% Camelia oil from the seeds of the camelia tree - Food-safe. without paraffin - Polishing Cloth Microfiber Damask in optics -Made in Japan