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Φοντύ σετ 200 γρ.-BOSKA HOLLAND

Fondue set 400 gram. tapas black- Boska Holland


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Features and materials

SKU: BOSKA-853529 Category: Fondue & Raclette
This Tapas Fondue in black has a ceramic fondue pot, solid dark wooden board, 4 forks and 1 tea light to keep the cheese perfectly warm for as long as you need. Keeping the cheese at just the right temperature is critical to making excellent fondue. This pot (400ml) is ideal for 4 people and microwave safe for convenience and quick warming of the cheese, leaving more time to spend with friends!
tapas Fondue Black 400ML -Parts: Pan of pottery, dark wooden board, 4 stainless steel forks, tea lights -Material: Pottery, dark wood, stainless steel -Type of cheese: For cheese fondue -Weight: 2,82 lbs -Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.1 " -Content: 13,52 fl oz -Dishwasher: Yes -Microwave: Yes -Open fire: No -Amount of people: 4