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Φοντύ σετ - boska Holland

Fondue set 200 gram. tapas black- Boska Holland


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Features and materials

SKU: BOSKA-853530 Category: Fondue & Raclette
The sleek yet classic Tapas Fondue has a square black ceramic fondue pot with a square base of dark wood. Ideal for serving 2 people, the set comes 2 fondue forks, and 1 cozy tea light to keep the cheese fondue warm. Invite a friend for an evening of delicious tapas! Or, try chocolate fondue for a sweet treat at the end of the meal. The pan has a content capacity of 200 grams/0.2 litres, and is also microwave safe.
Tapas Fondue Black 200ML -Parts: Pan of pottery, dark wooden plank, 2 stainless steel forks, tea lights -Material: Pottery, dark wood, stainless steel -Type of cheese: For cheese fondue -Weight: 1,56 lbs -Dimensions: 5.12 x 5.12 x 5.12 " -Content: 6.76 fl oz -Dishwasher: Yes -Microwave: Yes -Open fire: No -Amount of people: 2