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Φοντύ σετ 1 λίτρου μαντεμένιο-BOSKA HOLLAND

Fondue set 1,5 liter nero xl- Boska Holland


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Features and materials

SKU: BOSKA-853541 Category: Fondue & Raclette
The Boska Nero XL cheese fondue set exemplifies an atmosphere of sheer enjoyment. The black fondue pot is fireproof and dishwasher safe, while the dark wooden plank is a gorgeous addition to every table. With a capacity for 1.5 liters of cheese fondue, 8 fondue forks, and a burner, it's never been so easy to make an unforgettable dinner.. Good taste can be so simple. Wine, anyone?
Fondue Set Nero XL -Parts: Fondue pot, Burner, Fondue stove, 8 fondue forks -Material: Ceramic, Wood, Stainless steel -Type of cheese: For fondue cheese -Weight: 5,29 lbs -Dimensions: 9,06 " 12,6 " 0,75 " -Fridge: No -Dishwasher: No -Microwave: No -Open fire: No -Amount of people: 8