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Combination whetstone Grain 1000/4000 - KAI


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Features and materials

To sharpen KAI knives in the traditional Japanese and therefore professional way, we recommend a number of specific ceramic-bonded whetstones. Moreover, the range also offers electronic grinders, as well as care accessories and blade protectors. The Kai Shun DM-0400 combination sharpening stone, with a 1000/4000 grain is a great sharpening stone to sharpen your knives. The hard ceramics ensure quick results and don't easily wear out. Its red side, with grain J1000 is great to make your knives sharp again. With the J4000 grain, the yellow side, you can make your knife even sharper than it initially was. With this combination stone you immediately own all stones you need to sharpen your knives. The included rubber stone holder ensures that the stone remains steady as you use it. The J1000 is thicker because you will use this side more often. Because of the total height of the stone and the holder, there is room enough to hold your knife without your having your hands touching the surface.
21,0 x 7,0 x 3,0 cm (L/W/H)