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LotusGrill XXL

Barbecue grill with charcoal - G600 XXL Mandarine Orange Lotus Grill


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Features and materials

SKU: G-OR-600 Category: Grills
The Lotus Grill XXL has two built-in battery-operated fans. which supply the charchoal with air. As such the charchoal is permanently well-aerated in the two individual charchoal containers. which means the BBQ can be lit without virtually any smoke. The BBQ is ready to use in just 5 minutes. Precise tempreature control of the charchoal containers is possible thanks two switches. which allow the fans to be infinitely adjusted. The more air blown into the charchoal. the hotter it burns. Flying sparks or escaping embers are reduced to a minimum as combustion takes place in a closed container inside the BBQ. The double-walled construction of the Lotus-Grill combined with the closed charchoal containers and lockable grill grid guarantee a safe and fun BBQ experience. Any grease dripping from the food is guided via the stainless steel plate in the middle of the grill grid and collected in the inner bowl of the lotusGrill XXL and therefore does not come into contact with the charchoal. This reduces the amount of smoke which the BBQ produces to a minimum. The LotusGrill XXL now allows the BBQ master to finally baebecue right where the others are eating. so her or she can enjoy the party instead of standing off the side. The BBQ can be completely disassembled after use and is easy to clean. A specially-developed. extensive set of accessories rounds of the LotusGrill XXL w product range. The LotusGrill XXL is the fun. fast and safe way to barbecue. To ensure the best possible results and minimal smoke. we recommended using the LotusGrill safety fuel gel and LotusGrill beech BBQ-charchoal.
Barbecue grill with charcoal -Mandarin Orange colour -Weights 21.8 kg -Top diameter 600 mm -Bottom diameter 488 mm -Height 284 mm -Grid diameter 576 mm -Grid made from stainless steel -Inner bowl made from stainless steel -Charcoal cantainers made from stainless steel -Latches made from stainless steel -Including carrying bag and 4 AA bateries plus power supplyu for functional in 220 Volt system -Includes manual book -Gift package