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Barbecue Glove BBQ - GEFU

This barbecue glove offers reliable protection against burning and its heat-resistant silicone texture provides a perfect grip.


This pourer will fit on any bottle neck with an inner diameter of 15 - 20 mm and ensures a smooth flow e.g. from vinegar and oil bottles. Thanks to the automatic opening / closing function you control the amount of liquid by pouring.

Utensils Holder with Divider SMARTLINE - GEFU

This stylish utensil container has 10 compartments offering space for both small and large kitchen aids. The removable insert makes it easy to clean. The base plate, deliberately designed to be heavy, and the non-slip feet give it stability and steadiness.

Kitchen Tong CAPTO - GEFU

The CAPTO kitchen tongs always grip fried food securely. At the same time, the heat-resistant fluted silicone tips prevent scratching on coated cookware. The practical closing mechanism allows space-saving storage on the kitchen rail.

Julienne V-Slicer VIOLI - GEFU

The compact V slicer offers not only the 5 adjustable cutting thicknesses for slicing fruit and vegetables but also two additional blade inserts for producing even julienne strands. Non-slip feet and a practical finger guard ensure safe work.

Citrus Press LEMON - GEFU

For oranges, lemons, limes or other citrus fruit. Seeds and fruit fibres are held back by the strainer, the pure fruit juice is collected in the container below and can easily be poured out thanks to the pouring spout. 2-piece set: strainer with juice press and juice container. Container capacity: 0.25 l.

Pourer Spout 2 pcs BECURO - GEFU

2 pouring nozzles suitable for vinegar and oil bottles.

Corkscrew VINOLI - GEFU

Invaluable for removing corks from wine bottles.