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Sieve 12 cm PASSO - GEFU

Professional quality, specially strengthened mesh.

Measuring Cup 500 ml SATURAS - GEFU

The outside graduation of this useful measuring cup makes it possible to read even tiny quantities. In addition, it allows the weighing of butter through displacement of water. For measuring: flour, sugar, rice / pot barley, salt, weighing butter. More Parameters: liters, ccm / ml, fl. oz, cups

Sieve 16 cm PASSO - GEFU

Professional quality, specially strengthened mesh.

Fat Seperator Jug SEPARATO - GEFU

Oil and fat always rise to the top of sauces, gravies etc. and so the fat separator jug can remove them so that you can enjoy your food with reduced fat.

Multi Chopper SPEEDWING - GEFU

Working entirely without electricity and off ering an extremely wide range of applications, this multi-talented product not only chops fruit, vegetables, nuts, onions and fi sh but can also be used for stirring and mixing dips, conjuring up desserts and spinning herbs dry

Sieve 19 cm PASSO - GEFU

Professional quality, specially strengthened mesh.

Digital Thermometer SCALA - GEFU

Very fast reaction and measuring time (4 – 10 seconds).

Pineapple Slicer PROFESSIONAL - GEFU

Once you‘ve tried fresh pineapple you’ll never want to do without it again: juicy, sweet and just full of flavor. And with the right tool, cutting pineapples becomes child’s play. All four pineapple slicers – COMFORT, PROFESSIONAL, PROFESSIONAL PLUS – make appetizing pieces of pineapple in no time at all, and the printed scale showing the number of slices guarantees perfect portions.

Sieve 23 cm PASSO - GEFU

Professional quality, specially strengthened mesh.

Roast and Oven Thermometer 3 in 1 MESSIMO - GEFU

This roast and oven thermometer is an indispensable help for all, who love delicious roasts

Egg Slicer DUO - GEFU

Dual purpose, modern egg slicer. Gives equal egg slices or wedges. Hygienic and easy to clean.

Mesh-top Shaker FINA - GEFU

The mesh-top shaker decorates foodstuffs such as pastries or milk foam evenly. The tall, modern shape is a highlight for any kitchen or table. Easy to fill by opening the screw top.

Cooking Thermometer SIDO - GEFU

Roasting, deep-frying or preserving: the scale on this cooking thermometer indicates temperatures for a wide variety of uses.

Gourmet Slicer VIOLINO - GEFU

The VIOLINO® gourmet cutter produces evenly cut dices, sticks and slices. It is an indispensable multi-talented product for many diff erent ways of enjoying fruit and vegetables! The extremely sharp blades on the versatile VIOLINO® gourmet cutter produce evenly cut slices, sticks and dices – for example, for home-made chips, fi ne slices of strawberries or carrot sticks for a herb dip: the three exchangeable cutting inserts accomplish everything in a jiffy – and thanks to the integrated adjustment wheel in various cutting thicknesses also!

Bread Bin RONDO - GEFU

The RONDO bread bin captivates with its elegant design. With its safe and convenient folding mechanism and the large opening, you can store different types and sizes of bread easily. The nonslip feet guarantee a solid base and the kidneyshaped form allows easy transportation. The bread bin ensures, through many well thought-out details, that the bread remains soft and fresh for longer.

Tea and Milk Thermometer SIDO - GEFU

This practical tea and milk thermometer can be used for two purposes: check that water is just at the right heat for tea specialties and milk at the correct temperature for frothing.