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Shun Polo Shirt - KAI Shun Polo Shirt

34.90€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Availability: 33 items in stock
Kai Shun Polo Shirt available in Small, Medium & Large size
: 0.3 kg
Package dimensions: 350 mm × 150 mm × 10 mm
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-Diamond Break-In Period: The initial aggressive cutting speed of the interlock diamond wheels will slow with use and at the same time the abrasive finish will improve. Do not be confused by this break-in process because it is normal and should be expected. The diamond wheels are "breaking in," NOT wearing out. It produces a "hollow ground" edge that is a time-tested and preferred -edge configuration because it offers the perfect compromise between sharpness, edge performance, and edge retentions.
-Diamond Edge Pro Features:
Adjust 2 Speed allows you to control the sharpening process and ensures professional results every time. Low speed for knives that need just a quick touch up and high speed for knives that require more metal removal to restore the edge.
Pull 2 Lock Scissors Sharpener for Both Right and Left-Handed Scissors and sharpens both sides of your scissors at the same time. The "floating" ceramic rods adjust to the proper sharpening angle of your scissors.
Edge Alignment Slot restores proper edge alignment on extremely dull or damaged edges. Crossed carbide cutting heads create a preset angle that sharpens both sides of the knife at the same time. This is recommened for use on very dull or damaged edges only.
Honing/Serrated Edge Slot with extra-fine triangular ceramic stones put the final, finished edge on your blade.
-Rubber Hand Grip
-Non-Slip Rubber Feet
-Magnetic Collection Strip for Metal Filings
-Wheel Abrasive: Diamonds
-Wheel Grade: Medium Grit