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Shaving razor - merkur vision 2000

: 2000-vision
173.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: Dovo Stahlwaren Bracht - Not available at the moment
Shaver VISION The classic in "Design 2000". The "butterfly" design allows the two-part top to be opened and the MERKUR Super Platinum (or other standard double-edged blade) safely inserted. The fissures in the blade and sides can be individually and continuously adjusted. The blade position preferred can be noted by using the V-I-S-I-O-N scale. The balanced ergonomic design means that this 100% metal shaver (brass, die-cast and non-corrosive steel) can be held close to or far from the blade and moved in or against the direction of hair growth while shaving. The one-off purchase price is justified by the use of commercial blades which, because they have no synthetic elements, can be ecologically disposed of without difficulty.
: 0.29 kg
Package dimensions: 180 mm × 100 mm × 43 mm
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More information

Adjustable shaving razor
-High quality stainless steel
-Butterfly oppening
-Comes with a spare square platinum blade free of charge
-Made in Solingen Germany
-Metal gift box