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Shaving razor - merkur safety 23c

: 23c
39.40€ (VAT incl.)
By: Dovo Stahlwaren Bracht - Availability: 1 items in stock
This straight cut razor is the excellent machine for everyday shaving. Made of special stainless steel.
: 0.07 kg
Package dimensions: 115 mm × 55 mm × 30 mm
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More information

Magnification: 10x
Diopter: 38D
Illumination: Incandescent
Lens Size: 35 mm
Lens Type: Aspheric
Case: 1500-1 (Optional)
Case Material: Nylon
Bulb: 1544 (Included)
Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (Included)
Mount: High Grade White Plastic
Lens Material: Optical Grade Plastic
Made in Germany
Carton gift package