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Shaving razor - merkur progress long

: 510
92.71€ (VAT incl.)
By: Dovo Stahlwaren Bracht - Availability: 3 items in stock
The old time classic shaving razor. The MERKUR Super Platinum (or other standard double-edged blade) safely inserted. The fissures in the blade and sides can be individually and continuously adjusted. The blade position preferred can be noted by using the scale. The balanced ergonomic design means that this 100% metal shaver can be held close to or far from the blade and moved in or against the direction of hair growth while shaving. The one-off purchase price is justified by the use of commercial blades which, because they have no synthetic elements, can be ecologically disposed of without difficulty.
: 0.11 kg
Package dimensions: 115 mm × 55 mm × 28 mm
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Cast iron grill pan 29 x 26 x 3 cm. height - LA CUISINE Volcanique.
- Incredibly tough enamel coating, will last a lifetime.
- Scratch-resistant.
- Stain-resistant.
- No seasoning required.
- PTFE Free.
- Wonderfully versatile – ideal for frying, grilling, roasting and searing.
- Non-toxic.
- Suited to metal utensils.
- Suited to all hob types, including induction cookers, AGA's etc.
- Simple to clean (wash in warm water).
- Excellent food release properties.
- Sure-grip wedge profile handles (standard on all La Cuisine products).
- For professional and domestic cooks.
- Made in Ireland.