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Shaving porcelain cup-Dovo black porcelain with handle

: 04bo153
34.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: Boker Heinr. Baumwerk - Not available at the moment
This shaving cup made in high quality strong glass black finish. You can put in it any kind of soap or shaving foam. The side handle makes easier the shaving foam preparation.
: 0.293 kg
Package dimensions: 134 mm × 134 mm × 88 mm
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More information

Folding magnifier
-Made in Germany
-PXM® light-weight lenses
-Polyamide body
-Extremely versatile
-Lens size 10mm
-Magnification 3 & 4,5 & 6 & 9 x
-Carton gift package

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