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Shaving brush - merkur vision 2000

: 2001-vision
129.61€ (VAT incl.)
By: Dovo Stahlwaren Bracht - Not available at the moment
The shaving brush We offer high-quality brushes of German production in the appropriate MERKUR design with specially selected badger hair trimming. Whether for individual purchase or for part of a set, the following points should be observed: - If the new brush smells of moth powder on first being used, this is caused by a harmless preservative which repels bacteria and micro-organisms from the badger hair; this is normally washed out after a few days. - Never press the brush onto the skin; it is better to stroke the brush sideways like a painter's brush in order to avoid breaking the hairs. - After use, the brush should be rinsed out, shaken to remove excess water and hung up in a well-ventilated place to dry.
: 0.07 kg
Package dimensions: 130 mm × 50 mm × 50 mm
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Made in Germany
-Aplanatic PXM® light-weight lenses
-Plastic frame
-Sera coated lens
-Lens size 25mm
-Magnification 8 x
-Carton gift package