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Sharpening stone for AP - 118 - KAI fine ceramic stone

: APF-118
22.90€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Availability: 7 items in stock
This article can be used in order to finish the sharpening of our knives after the use of a normal ceramic stone. This fine stone can also be used when the knives are brand new and need a first step sharpening.
: 0.11 kg
Package dimensions: 90 mm × 80 mm × 35 mm
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More information

-Pre-set Sharpening Angles
-Sharpens Both Sides of the Blade
-Ceramic Rods for Final Edge Honing
-Soft-Grip Rubber Handle
-Non-Slip Rubber Feet

Wheel Abrasive:

Wheel Grade: