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Sharpening leather strap - dovo handle strops

: 18840002
68.90€ (VAT incl.)
By: Dovo Stahlwaren Bracht - Availability: 2 items in stock
While flat razors are sharpened using strops with wooden handles where the razor can be "pushed" along the strop, ½ or full hollow-ground razors are sharpened using hanging strops, in some cases with a knob made of fine cow-hide or smooth Russian-type leather with which the strop can be hung up. Some of these strops have a hemp tube on the reverse side which serves to position the sharp edge in the direction indicated by the razor. If necessary, the leather side can be coated with a thin layer of fine grinding paste (red paste), and with polishing paste (black paste) for polishing on a separate strop, and subsequently worked in with the palm of the hand. Sharpening is effected at a plane angle with the back of the razor on the razor strop; it should be first be drawn away from the body. When changing direction, the razor should be turned with its back to the strop and then drawn towards the body. If the cutting edge of the razor faces the strop while the razor is being turned, it will become round and lose its cut. In this case, only regrinding by a specialist will help.
: 0.07 kg
Package dimensions: 450 mm × 55 mm × 2 mm
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Magnification: 2,35x
Lens Size: 80 mm
Diopters: 5.4
Lens: Biconvex
Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (Included)
Mount: High Grade White Plastic
PXM® lightweight lens with Duplex coating
Made in Germany
Carton gift package