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Sharpening kit three diamond stones - Smith's

: s-50008
155.00€ (VAT incl.)
By: Smith's - Not available at the moment
Smith’s 8” Diamond Tri-Hone Sharpening System comes with two interrupted surface diamond stones and a Medium Arkansas stone. The Coarse and Fine grit diamond stones feature a unique, overlapping hole design that speeds sharpening by collecting and holding the metal filings which build up during the sharpening process, thus allowing the stone’s surface to remain clean and clear. The Natural Arkansas Stone is best used for finishing your edge. It removes moderate amounts of metal as it polishes the cutting edge. This 3-stone sharpening system is excellent for sharpening pocket knives, hunting & fishing knives, kitchen knives, and tools of all sizes, large or small. CARE & USE Sharpening Instructions: Use water or Smith's non-petroleum based honing oil as your sharpening lubricant, but stone can be used dry. DO NOT use petroleum based oil on your stone as a sharpening lubricant. Place your blade on the end of the stone at the desired sharpening angle. Push the blade away from you just like you are trying to carve a thin slice off the top of the stone. Use moderate pressure; let the diamond do the work. Repeat this pushing stroke three or four times. Try to maintain the same approximate angle with each stroke. This is the key to obtaining the sharpest edge. Now sharpen the other side of the blade. Place your blade on the opposite end of your Smith's stone and repeat steps 1 and 2 this time pulling the blade toward you. Care & Storage: Always dry your diamond stone surface after each use and before storing. Occasionally clean your stone with soapy water and a mild brush.
: 2.6 kg
Package dimensions: 340 mm × 195 mm × 165 mm
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More information

-Easy stone rotation and identification
-Non-slip rubber feet
-Micro-tool sharpening pad for small tools
-Premium Honing Solution
-Sharpening Angles Guide
-Stone Size: 8" x 2.5"
-Coarse Diamond - 325 Grit
-Fine Diamond - 750 Grit
-Natural Arkansas Stone - 800-1000 Grit