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Peeling knife 3" - zwilling five star

: 30040-061
48.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: Zwilling J.A. Henckels - Not available at the moment
Everyone who needs a reliable and easy to use tool in the kitchen will soon come to love TWINGRIP by ZWILLING. Theese little helpers will obligingly do any cutting job you ask them to and will become indispensable in no time. After all they are not only very useful but also handy and attractively designed too. You love tomatoes,carrots, cucumbers, radishes and... and... and. But you don't have the appropriate tool to cut, peal, slice or dice vegetables? Help is at hand with TWINGRIP by ZWILLING. The more you use these small knives the more you come to rely on them.. They make tough cutting jobs easy.
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Package dimensions: 320 mm × 70 mm × 30 mm
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More information

-Made in Japan
-Chef's case
-3 positions for large knives
-2 positions for small knives
-Safety lock of the blades
-Showlder belt
-45x16x7 cm