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Nightvision binoculars LOK - F Ζ - 211 ΡΧ 70/211

: 851601
1,220.00€ (VAT incl.)
By: Eschenbach - Optik - Availability: 1 items in stock
The Night vision AS/S spotting scope allows you in dark to observe even the shyest of animals. The trophy® AS/S is ideal for nature observation: Relaxed viewing with 45° angled eyepiece Easy location of objects using the "fix finder" scope Robust design - resistant to wind and weather Quick adjustment of magnification using zoom (7 x magnification), e.g. when object moves Stable, steady image at all times Easy transportation - compact design and carrying case included Can also be used for hunting, in forests and woodland, for bird watching, wildlife and nature observations, for the sport of shooting and also for mountain rescue and coastguard services. Comes with carrying case. 2 year warranty.
: 1.9 kg
Package dimensions: 350 mm × 180 mm × 120 mm
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More information

Binocular case
-Made from strength gordura
-Made in Germany

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