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Multipurpose knife 6" - KAI Michael Bras No 8

: bk-0016
387.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Availability: 2 items in stock
This knife can be used for a variety of everyday tasks. Tha damascus blade coated with titanium creates a very strong blade.This means better resistance and durabillity. The wooden blade guard made of white wood evoking the natural beauty of Aubrac. A magnet inside the case holds the knife snugly in place. An ergonomical black handle, chestnut-shaped laminated wood especially resistant to water and moisture. Characterized by the chestnut shape that is typical of Japanese knives. Attentions to detail: each knife has its code and this code after the sale can be registrated on the Kai-M. Bras Internet session as a unique code attributed to the knife's owner. This code confers you a life time guarantee for your knife.
: 0.3 kg
Package dimensions: 275 mm × 53 mm × 30 mm
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