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Monocular 8x26 - eschenbach adventure

: 4295825
83.70€ (VAT incl.)
By: Eschenbach - Optik - Not available at the moment
Trekking, hiking, enjoying jeep safaris, mountain biking or climbing: more and more people are discovering the excitement of the great outdoors. When you're enjoying outdoor sports off the beaten track, the going can get sometimes get a little tough, but adventure B can easily cope with the challenge! The robust housing is protected by a special ruber casing and thanks to its easy-grip surface and ergonomic design it sits perfectly in the hand, and gives this range of binoculars that typical, distinctive adventure look. These adventurous binoculars therefore have optimum protection against knocks and dropping, and are of course 100% waterproof. They arenitrogen-filled which ensures clear vision even in extreme temperature fluctuations and prevents fogging of the lenses. And this robust monocular of course comes with a carrying strap and case, along with protective dust caps for eyepieces and lenses. Adventure B is the ideal accessory for all your travels. 5 Year guarantee.
: 0.1 kg
Package dimensions: 75 mm × 50 mm × 25 mm
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