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Magnifying loop 3.5x75 - 50x10 - eschenbach aspher ιι

: 2655750-3.5
58.79€ (VAT incl.)
By: Eschenbach - Optik - Availability: 2 items in stock
aspheric II Aspheric II high-magnification reading magnifier Use: Particularly suitable for reading and looking at pictures with adequate ambient lighting Features: Aspheric lens provides high-magnification and high-quality optimal distortion-free vision Concealed eyelet in the end of the handle for round-the-neck carry cord These aspheric magnifiers can be used with the user's normal reading glasses (if reading glasses are required) The optimum image quality is achieved by observing the calculated lens-to-eye distance stated on the magnifying reader. Technical information: Aspheric PXM® light-weight lens Aspheric lenses have the advantage of having a large lens diameter and a large visual field even with high magnification. Both sides of lens coated with cera-tec® hard coating Accessories: Black imitation leather case with soft lining. The item numbers for the corresponding case are given in the table below.
: 0.35 kg
Package dimensions: 200 mm × 120 mm × 30 mm
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Aspheric PXM® light-weight lens
Both sides of lens coated with cera-tec® hard coating
Lens size: 75 x 50
Diopter: 10,0
Magnification: 3,5 x
Made in Germany
Carton gift package