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Magnifying loop 2x100x3.9 - eschenbach biconvex

: 2642100-2
51.00€ (VAT incl.)
By: Eschenbach - Optik - Availability: 3 items in stock
Eschenbach magnifiers are quality-products made in germany with precise lenses for your sensible eyes. The biconvex reading magnifiers of the economic line offer a large visual field and are useful for reading whole pages of a pocket book for instance. The length size of this model is 100mm which offers a great overview with a magnification of 2,0 x.
: 0.193 kg
Package dimensions: 255 mm × 135 mm × 25 mm
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More information

Magnification: 2.5x
Illumination: no
Lens Size: 80 mm
Lens Type: Biconvex
Case Material: Leather
Bulb: no
Power Source: no
Mount: Transparent PXM
Lens Material: Aspheric PXM Plastic
Miscellaneous: no
Made in Germany
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