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Magnifying loop 2.5x80x5.1 - eschenbach visomed

: 261480-2.5
28.91€ (VAT incl.)
By: Eschenbach - Optik - Not available at the moment
The 2614 series of hand-held magnifiers features low magnification and a large field of view. These features make them ideal for early intervention for low vision patients needing extra magnification for such daily living tasks as reading small print labels, looking up telephone numbers, or reading the stick pages.
: 0.12 kg
Package dimensions: 255 mm × 135 mm × 25 mm
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More information

Magnification 3.5x
Dioptre 8.8D
Lens size (Diameter) 40mm/1.6 inches
Lens shape & design Round biconvex mineral glass lens
Use Worn around the neck and held in one hand to use
Working Distance 114mm/4.5 inches
Made in Germany
Carton gift package