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Kitchen heavy cleaver 6.5" - KAI Ken Onion serie

: DM-0518
498.49€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Availability: 1 items in stock
Same blade and handle materials as Classic, but every aspect, from blade shapes to the way the handle fits into the hand, has been designed for superlative comfort and control. The arc of the handle provides stability, while the rock of the blade’s belly enables users of any height to cut with ease and control. Widened bolster guides users to the correct grip and reduces tension during cutting. ideal for users with large quantities of prep work those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.
: 0.87 kg
Package dimensions: 360 mm × 150 mm × 37 mm
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More information

-Round pool cue
-Made from ebony & the upper part from ash wood
-Overall length: 147 cm.
-Weight: 500 gr.
-Thickness: 12 mm.

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