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Kitchen grater RIBBON-KAI Pure Komachi

: PG-0003
34.90€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Availability: 17 items in stock
We are very pleased to introduce our new PURE KOMACHI Graters and Zesters to you. The graters are equipped with durable and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and have a Japanese blade pattern. They are inspired by the traditional kimono patterns called "Edo Komon" and by way of a special etching technique. they allow reduced effort during use. Food is cut precisely. not crushed – so that aroma and taste can develop fully. The grater has an ergonomic grip and is dishwasher suitable.
: 0.16 lb
Package dimensions: 335 in × 80 in × 30 in
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More information

Made in Japan
-Material: "Core: SG2
Nickel 33 layers Damascus pattern"
(HRC): 62
-Thickness (mm): 2.0, 2.5
-Finish: "Etching (Oxidized)
+ shot blast"
-Edge Grind: Convex
-Bolster: "S/S
-Material: Black Pakkawood with 2 rivets
-End-cap: "S/S
Shun logo engraved"
-Shape: Symmetrical
Sheath: none
-Carton gift box