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Juice spoon 2 pieces set - bsf melody

: 02108-346
8.91€ (VAT incl.)
By: Zwilling J.A. Henckels - Availability: 20 items in stock
The successful combination of elegant design and distinct volume underlines the object's modernism. The polished surface and the voluminous shapes contribute to give this flatware its modern appearance. This spoont can be used as an coctail or juice spoon.
: 0.09 kg
Package dimensions: 225 mm × 60 mm × 25 mm
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Symbol of nobility, this shaker for cocktails made of brushed steel, has matt and reflective sensual lines ... Bar objects which are signed Screwpul give an irresistible urge to rush towards comfortable club chairs in a languid rhythm of soul music or jazz piano.
Zesty, or hit "on the rocks" ... Variations on the theme of the cocktail are innumerably provided when we have the right utensils at hand. The art of making cocktails slowly disappears in favor of another: the right to receive, over a glass from which escapes a dash of magic, a touch of poetry and lots of fun.