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Handy Food Processor 120 WATT-Kai Green Blendia

: BD-0053
227.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Not available at the moment
Experience the Convenience of Professional Culinary Equipment at Home. If you enjoy good cooking , you'll also appreciate what professional culinary equipment can do for the food. That's why we know you'll enjoy your new blendia hand-held food processor. Blendia along with the inspirational recipe book enclosed in the package - will help you take your culinary skills to the next level. Blendia combines beautiful design with convenient function. Because all the attachements fit neatly in the stand, there's no need to hide bledia. It looks beautiful sitting right on your countertop. And it's easy to use. Grasp it by the slightly hourglass-shaped handle and you 'll notice how well balanced it feels in your hand. Attractive, ergonomic design like this makes using blendia a pleasure - and that's what great design is all about.
: 3.5 kg
Package dimensions: 395 mm × 315 mm × 195 mm
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More information

-Casserole & frying pan 24 cm. diameter & 8 cm. high
-Capacity 3.0 Litre.
-LOTAN non stick coated.
-Handles made of functional and solid PVC heat resistant up to 240 degrees Celcium.
-25 years guarantee on the heat transmition & 5 years quarantee on the LOTAN non stick coated.
-Wraped with carton including instructions and general information.

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