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Fondue cast iron 1.5 litre - Skeppshult

: SK85
215.59€ (VAT incl.)
By: Skeppshult - Availability: 1 items in stock
This article is indicated for the making of fondue although it can also be used as a cookware for simple foods. We can even use it to cook in the TV room in the presence of friends. The combination burner heats the fondue casserole and gives to our foods fantastic taste. The fondue casserole can also be used as a multipurpose casserole. Finally, you should know that the SKEPPSHULT cast iron cookwares are really non stick cookwares. They are friendly to the environment preventing us from spending a lot in terms of energy, since they can be heated in a short time without having the food sticking to it.
: 5.35 kg
Package dimensions: 355 mm × 270 mm × 125 mm
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More information

-Swedish cast iron
-1.5 litres capacity
-21.5 X 19 cm. round
-25 years guarantee
-Cartont gift box