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Folding knife titanium - klontzi

: 01kl224
370.00€ (VAT incl.)
By: Boker Heinr. Baumwerk - Not available at the moment
This folding knife is a collection knife and can be used as a pocket or personal safety folding knife. It has a really valuable construction, inspired by new wave titanium knives. Comes in a carton gift box.
: 0
Package dimensions: 120 mm × 50 mm × 20 mm
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More information

-Casserole 20 cm. diameter & 11 cm. high.
-Capacity 2.0 Litre.
-LOTAN non stick coated.
-Side handles made of functional and solid PVC heat resistant up to 240 degrees Celcium.
-25 years guarantee on the heat transmition & 5 years quarantee on the LOTAN non stick coated.
-Wraped with carton including instructions and general information.