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Flower shear - zwilling white

: 40669-000
15.01€ (VAT incl.)
By: Zwilling J.A. Henckels - Not available at the moment
Nice & sharp, flower shear by ZWILLING JA HENCKELS. They cut flowers, patio plants or fresh herbs: high quality stainless steel cuts effortlessly through stems and stalks. The handy flower shears for patio and garden will cut preciesly without squashing the delicate stems. The proven ZWILLING JA HENCKELS quality stands for long garden joy.
: 0.1 kg
Package dimensions: 165 mm × 55 mm × 20 mm
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More information

Magnification: 2x
Diopter: no
Illumination: no
Lens Size: 65 mm
Lens Type: no
Case: no
Case Material: no
Bulb: no
Power Source: no
Mount: Black Plastic
Lens Material: Glass
Miscellaneous: Available with Case When Ordered as 1422
Lens-to-Image Distance: 50 mm
Enlargement Ratio/Transverse Magnification: 1.7x
Maximum Allowable Add: 20D
Arm/Neck: no
Made in Germany
Carton gift package

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