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Flower shear - zwilling black

: 40664-000
15.01€ (VAT incl.)
By: Zwilling J.A. Henckels - Availability: 16 items in stock
Nice & sharp, flower shear by ZWILLING JA HENCKELS. They cut flowers, patio plants or fresh herbs: high quality stainless steel cuts effortlessly through stems and stalks. The handy flower shears for patio and garden will cut preciesly without squashing the delicate stems. The proven ZWILLING JA HENCKELS quality stands for long garden joy.
: 0.1 kg
Package dimensions: 165 mm × 55 mm × 20 mm
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More information

-Oval frying pan 41X27X5 cm.
-LOTAN non stick coated
-Handle made by functional strong PVC heat resistant up to 240 celcium
-25 years guarantee on the heat transmition & 5 years guarantee on the LOTAN non stick coated.
-Wraped with carton including instructions and general information

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