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Flask 140 gram. inox - herbertz flask matt inox column design

: 544101
27.00€ (VAT incl.)
By: Herbertz - Availability: 9 items in stock
This item has been produced in order to carry alcoholic drinks. It is made of a very high quality steel, stainless steel, in a compact column design for easier storage.
: 0.11 kg
Package dimensions: 175 mm × 50 mm × 30 mm
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DEBA = protruding blade
- The traditional Japanese cleaver.
- Knife with asymmetric blade.
- Solid and heavy knife with a strong, broad blade.
- The front part of the blade is mainly used for filleting fish.
- The rear part of the blade is stronger and well-suited for chopping e.g. bones and fish bones.
-Made in Japan
-Carton gift box