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Extra fine Kitchen sharpener for knives & scissors - Smith's

: s-50043
13.51€ (VAT incl.)
By: Smith's - Not available at the moment
Simple and dependable, the V-Slot™ Knife and Scissors Sharpener is quick, safe, and easy to use. It only takes three or four strokes to put a sharp edge on any straight edge household knife. The “V” shaped sharpening slot incorporates two crossed carbide blades, which are pre-set at the correct sharpening angle. The scissors sharpener uses a patented “FLOATING” ceramic rod that adjusts to fit the precise bevel of the blades. The Soft grip handle provides a firm comfortable hold when using this simple, but effective sharpener on household knives or scissors. CARE & USE Knife Sharpening Instructions: Always keep your fingers inside the hand guard and your thumb securely on the thumb rest indention on the top of the sharpener; otherwise possible injury may occur. To sharpen the knife, place the knife on a solid flat surface with the cuttening edge facing up. Securely hold the knife in place with downward pressure on the handle. For best results allow about 1/2" to 1" of the blade to extend past the edge of your flat surface. Starting near the handle of the knife, place the "V" in the head of the sharpener over the cutting edge of the knife. Position the head of the sharpener at a 90 degree angle to the knife's cutting edge. While holding the knife with one hand and the sharpener in the other, draw the sharpener across the blade from the heel of the point while applying light downard pressure. At the end of each stroke, continue your outward motion in order to avoid any contact with the blade. You will feel the tungsten carbide cutters removing metal from the knife. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times or until your knife is sharp. Remember light pressure is sufficient when using the sharpener. Heavy pressure might cause you to lose control of the knife and could cause possible injury. The carbide cutting heads are reversable and replaceable. When the heads stop cutting they can be rotated and used on the other side. To rotate the heads remove the screw and the plastic cover piece. Remove the carbides and rotate them 1/2 turn and then place the top carbide into the bottom slot and the bottom carbide into the top slot. Scissors Sharpening Instructions: The specially designed "floating sharpening rod conforms to the exact angle of your scissors. It is simple and easy to use and it works on both left- & right-handed scissors. To sharpen right-handed scissors, begin by holding the head of the knife sharpener in your left hand with the words "right- handed scissors" facing you. Then place the flat base at the other end of the handle on the solid flat surface. Open your scissors blades and insert the blades as far as possible through the slots. Close scissors on the sharpening rod as if you wer trying to cut the rod, then pull the scissor blades through the slots while trying to keep the blades closed. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times (more for duller scissors). If preferred, push scissors through unit instead of pulling To sharpen left-handed scissors hold the head of the sharpener in your right hand with the words" left-handed scissors" facing you and then repeat steps 2 and 3. Care: Always clean your sharpener after using. Rinse with warm water and towel dry.
: 0.09 kg
Package dimensions: 210 mm × 120 mm × 25 mm
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-“V” Shaped Sharpening Slot Ensures Proper Sharpening Angle
-Reversible and Replaceable Carbide Blades Extend Sharpening
-Sharpens All Types of Knives and Left or Right Handed Scissors
-Carbides: Coarse
-Fine Ceramic: 800 Grit