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Electric wetstone sharpener - KAI Shun sharpener

: DM-0621
324.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Availability: 3 items in stock
When Shun blades are handcrafted in Japan, artisans sharpen and polish the blades using larger versions of the same wet sharpening technology you 'll find in the Shun electric sharpener. Now you can achieve the same brilliantly polished and long lasting edge quickly and easily in your own kitchen. Precision sharpen double and single - beveled Eastern - style knives to 16" angle. Western - style knives to 22" angle. Wet sharpening keeps the blade cool, prevents from damage. Fine grit wetstone and all accesories included. Easy to use: includes manual instructions
: 3.5 kg
Package dimensions: 270 mm × 170 mm × 190 mm
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More information

-Swedish cast iron
-29.5 cm. Height
-25 years guarantee
-Carton gift box