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Diamond sharpening steel 12" - KAI MBRAS tools

: BK-0022
187.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Availability: 11 items in stock
A diamond coated honing steel to achieve a sharp cutting edge. Because of its diamond coated surface, this honing steel achieves a superbly sharp and delicate cutting edge. Simply run the blade along the 30 cm long steel to sharpen to its edge. Like the set of knives, the handle has a distinct chestnut shape which naturally accommodates the fingers and does not tire the hand.
: 0.4 kg
Package dimensions: 350 mm × 70 mm × 30 mm
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-Household shear
-Stainless steel with precision finish
-Sturdy synthetic handles
-Ergonomic handle shapes
-Blister gift package