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Bread knife 8.25" - KAI Kaji

: KDM-0008
325.00€ (VAT incl.)
By: Kai Industries - Availability: 2 items in stock
This luxury line possesses an SG2 powdered steel cutting core for a sharper. It has an even harder edge than traditional Japanese cutting steels, delivering the most paper-thin slices possible. Pattern Damascus nickel/stainless cladding, provides toughness and corrosion resistance. Tang and rivets add to the weight of these blades, providing an option for customers who prefer additional heft. This line appeals to those seeking the ultimate in elegance and performance, as well as gourmet home cooks and professional chefs.
: 0.35 kg
Package dimensions: 430 mm × 80 mm × 25 mm
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More information

-Made in Japan
-Material: "Core: SG2
Nickel 33 layers Damascus pattern"
(HRC): 62
-Thickness (mm): 2.0, 2.5
-Finish:"Etching (Oxidized)
+ shot blast"
-Edge Grind: Convex
-Bolster: "S/S"
-Material: Black Pakkawood with 2 rivets
-End-cap: "S/S
Shun logo engraved"
-Shape: Symmetrical
Sheath: none
-Carton gift box

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