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Bottle opener with magnet - HOFATS JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET

34.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: HOFATS - Availability: 10 items in stock
JOHNNY CATCH is a must…. For beer drinkers with a sense of style, lemonade lovers, craft beer cracks, in the late-night pub around the corner, the elegant club, the rehearsal room, the home of clubs, bands and sports associations, the costruction trailer, the trendy club, the favourite bar, the kebap stand, the arbour, the stylish kitchen, the chaos flat-sharing community, the party apartment, the ski hut, the beach bar, the workshop, on the roof terrace, next to your grill, fridge... Use JOHNNY CATCH as a merchandising article or high-quality giveaway. JOHNNY CATCH can be individualized through a laser engraving. By means of a laser, the refinement is applied into the material and thus durable and resistant.
: 0.2 lb
Package dimensions: 165 in × 85 in × 55 in
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More information

'-The main body made of high quality stainless steel matt finish
-High quality long term magnet in order to catch a lot of cups
-3M scratch robust stick
-Gift package
-Made in Germany

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