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Bottle opener with black container - HOFATS JOHNNY CATCH CUP

39.50€ (VAT incl.)
By: HOFATS - Availability: 10 items in stock
JOHNNY CATCH - the presumably best wall-mounted bottle opener of the world. Catches crow caps magnetically! 100% stainless stel. The crow cap was invented approx. 100 years ago, and wall-mounted bottle openers are almost as old - for they simply are practical. Nevertheless, no such device with perfect functionality and good look at the same time has existed so far - that's why we saw need for action. We wanted to create a very simple, perfectly functioning and beautiful bottle opener for the wall - this was the birth of JOHNNY CATCH. JOHNNY CATCH does neither require screws nor dowels; it is fixed with a high-quality, double-side adhesive by 3M. The adhesive tape sticks on any surface, even on very rough ones. Cheers!
: 0.36 lb
Package dimensions: 250 in × 120 in × 60 in
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More information

-Set of 4 pieces steak or utility knives
-Made in Japan
-Blade: 12.0 cm
-Handle: 12.6 cm
-Thickness: 0.18 cm
-Carton clear view gift box

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