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Μοnocular with zoom 15 - 60x60 - eschenbach spectiv silver

: 46311
723.70€ (VAT incl.)
By: Eschenbach - Optik - Not available at the moment
For shooting, hunting, surveillance, bird watching or wildlife observation. The vektor S zoom spotting scope appeals with its excellent design and crystal clear image. The infinitely adjustable eyepiece means that the scope is comfortable even if used for longer periods, whether sitting, lying or standing.unbequem. Close up observation due to the significantly greater magnification than with conventional binoculars. Comfortable and non-fatiguing observation due to the infinitely adjustable eyepiece Can be used with (sun)glasses due to retractable eyepiece. Easy transport due to the compact design and aluminium case provided. Quick adjustment of magnification using the zoom, e.g. when the object moves. Steady image with does not blur when used with the tripod fitting. Incl. aluminium carry case. 5 year warranty
: 1.9 kg
Package dimensions: 430 mm × 130 mm × 80 mm
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